In this episode Reuben meets up with certified hypnotherapist and behavioral therapist Mary Barr, and her client Steve Reichmuth who goes under deep hypnotic induction. While in this state a being came through Steve called HAN who described himself as being from Zeta Reticuli. “Han” answers many of Reuben’s questions on how their race goes about everyday life and why we earthlings are being visited. Zestra is his partner and a healer also channels through Steve and answers questions.
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Steve Reichmuth and Mary Barr

Steve Reichmuth and Mary Barr have been investigators of alien contact for many years.  Steve, as  a Chief Field Investigator, has followed up on reports of UFO/contact experiences, analyzing and preparing reports that  either ruled out alien contact or left the reported events as unexplained or probable. Experiencers have benefited by Steve’s ability to listen to their stories with an open mind.  Mary, as  a  therapist, continues to offer her services to experiencers. Often, she retrieves client  memories from  lost time events, giving the unknown an opportunity  to surface. This is a  vital service  to the  many who  feel  they have  no one  to  talk to about either their missing time events or conscious contacts with aliens. Interestingly, not  all  alien contacts create  negative experiences.

Steve, when placed in a deep hypnotic state, continues to make himself available for contact with Zetans. Steve is assisting with the next book, detailing these experiences. Aliens Answer II is scheduled for publication late 2014.

Mary continues her investigations and assistance to experiencers.  She   works  through   Steve,   interviewing beings from Zeta Reticuli. This work will result in Volume II of Aliens  Answer.

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