Are we alone in the universe?

This question has been posed for centuries, if not since the beginning of our known existence. Each generation, the collective human race gets answers to this question by our exploration of science and outer space, but some of us get closer in other ways. 


golden zone

Today with the aid of Hubble, Kepler, and other very powerful telescopes, we can map the visible universe. There are billions upon billions of stars―and with that―even more potential habitable planets that lay in the so called “Goldie locks zone,” thus it is mathematically impossible for us to be alone.

Due to the construct of belief systems, many people still have not been able to grasp this fact. Most have moved on to the next question―if extraterrestrials truly exist then they surely cannot have come to Earth?

ED Physics

Einstein’s equations prove that light is the fastest moving thing in our universe and even if a higher intelligence was traveling at the speed of light, then it would take them years to reach us. ETs would most likely die because of the many hundreds if not thousands of light years away these potential habitable planets are. Once again the, “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality limits the impartial approach to what is. We are constantly putting limitations on our reality by declaring what is―yet on a daily basis we are proving that what we thought was absolute is more malleable and intangible. Heck, not long ago we thought the world was flat, and today some people still think it is.

Though it may seem we are breaking the laws of physics, we are in fact not, we are just seeing things from a different perspective. This can all be summed up by the famous quantum physics double-slit experiment.An electron can simultaneously exist as 2 different states as a partial and a wave, and the state depends on how it is observed:  one in the seen world and another in the unseen or quantum state. This is the basis for quantum computing which uses computing power to tap into this unseen realm and gain the information it needs to solve a problem.






Ok, enough of physics, what about ETs, UFOs, and are we alone?



In April/May 2013 I co-produced the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, a monumental event which gathered together over 40 witnesses, mostly ex-government officials and military personal of high rank and tenure. They were put before 6 former members of congress in a mock congressional hearing that spanned 5 days, totaling over 30 hours’ worth of compelling testimony. As the week unfolded, the congress members were left feeling mesmerized in the wake of such captivating evidence. The event was live-streamed and received a fairly decent amount of press, considering the “Truth Embargo” that surrounds the subject matter. What was left was a library of testimony and evidence for all those who want to know more about the topic. Many people are skeptical and hesitant to dive in because they themselves have not seen craft, beings, or what they perceive as tangible evidence that ETs are among us. Besides, up until recently just the mention of ETs and UFOs laughable to the general populous. The media also reacted with the same snickering attitude every time a local townsperson had a sighting or even provided some compelling video caught on their home VHS camera. Notice how that last sentence was past tense―times are changing and people are not laughing (as much) anymore. Since the Citizen Hearing in 2013 this has become a serious discussion topic amongst friends, family, and even local T.V. stations.




During the hearings, I got many of my questions answered but many more were formed. The evidence presented at the hearings that we are being engaged by some higher inelegance―on its own―is overwhelming. There are numerous incidences where people have seen and even been on board craft that are not using nutonean physics to get around or at least what we perceive as Non-nutonean. Antigravity propulsion, passing of physical matter through hard objects like walls or glass windows, and even the ability to bend space and time to get from one place to another. Well I guess if you have control over gravity, then you are in essence affecting space/time as they are all tied together (thank you, Einstein). So what does one do with all this evidence? Just tuck it away? I’m sorry, but I want to know! What is going on? How could I even sleep at night…wait, maybe the answer is between the cracks. Let me rephrase that―there are numerous documented cases where people have reported being on craft!

IMG_0014It was often mentioned during the creation of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure ―that if we were to do another―that it would be more about the Experiencers, the ones who have had first hand contact with actual beings. My research led me to various Experiencer meet-up groups (yes, they exist, check your local Mufon chapter). These are usually comprised of people who have had physical or pseudo-physical contact with beings from other worlds.  I had the pleasure of interviewing several people who’d previously had no contact with one another―and not so surprisingly―many of the stories match up.  Most have had some sort of sexual experience, females having had eggs extracted and males’ sperm taken. The Similarities in the stories were uncanny.



Many books on the topic have been written and even well respected doctors and physiologist have been utilized to explore the subject further. Some of the experiences seemed benevolent and some seemed malevolent, over all, even the more malevolent cases still had the experiencer returned and left relatively in one piece…physically yes, but maybe not emotionally. Not everyone is comfortable getting ripped from their bed in the middle of the night and taken into outer space; having their private parts poked and prodded at. After several interviews and long discussions, the pieces of the puzzle were coming together…a massive human ET/Hybrid program had been taken place and for all intents and purposes it’s still going on. Hybridization program? But why? For the evolution of their race and ours? …huh? Each discovery peeled the onion but the onion grew in size, or I failed to look at the whole onion because my eyes were full of tears? Many of these experiencers had a very negative view or outlook on what was/is happening. However, even more of these experiencers seemed to see it in a positive light. So who is right?




I began to use logic―well if all these people have had these negative experiences and these beings are hostile or “out to get us,” then why don’t they “get us?” It seems they have the technology and know how to do it, and in the blink of an eye might I add. Based on the evidence, it also suggest that they have been around for quite some time; what are they waiting for? Get it over already. If you’re gonna take us out then, “do it!“―as Arnold Schwarzenegger so elegantly said in Predator. Why wait for humanity to advance our technology and military abilities? Wouldn’t that just make it more difficult to take us out? Or take over? We certainly have upped our game since 1947, the year of the mysterious Roswell crash and infamous Area 51 reports. I’m sorry, but the logic just doesn’t work? I myself don’t have any memories of being taken and used as a human semen farm, so I might be bias, but I also am not clouded with the view that they want to take over the world because of my negative experience and personal revenge. The evidence and data kept coming in and I was not going to settle just yet. But logic is logic and when all else fails, you have to look at the most logical hypothesis even if “the answer is out there” and move on.

Wanting more answers, I began to open myself up to more out there concepts. I was introduced to Darryl Anka’s work and the Entity known as Bashar. Bashar (via Darryl) claims he is an extraterrestrial being from our future. Darryl goes through a process called channeling in order to access Bashar. Much like a TV antenna, Darryl is able to tune himself to a frequency in a way that is similar enough to Basher’s―and then with the aid of Bashar’s tuning―Bashar can project through Darryl and speak to us humans on this human plane. Much like young Regan in the film The Exorcist, only Darryl is initiating contact by putting himself in a trance and inviting Bashar. Very unlike the Demonic Possession of Regan in The Exorcist. However, Bashar does acknowledge that nothing can happen without a preexisting agreement, so there must be some consensus on Regan’s behalf for the demon to come through (according to Bashar’s logic).



The idea of channeling was not new to me, I had been exposed to it as a young child through books and events that my mom attended. I never took it seriously until I’d heard Bashar/Daryl speak of concepts and ideas that I had learned from following Bruce Lee’s philosophies and teachings as well as Neil Donald Walsh’s “Conversations with God.” This, in addition to my research into the ET phenomenon, abductions, experiencers, etc. Well, all I can say is the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.


In conjunction to all this my own spiritual journey evolved as I begin to spend more time meditating and going within. I have received many insights or what I like to call downloads which confirm much of my research into these questions of, “who are we?”―”where do we come from?”―and―”what is the purpose of life?” I extended my research by listening to more channeled material from other sources and entities who claimed to be from other parts of the galaxy. I began personally interviewing these channelers and the entities they channel, finding out their purpose and more about them physically & spiritually. Much of my work can be found here at

I’ve even been visited by a “Mantis” being telepathically, giving me insights that I was able to confirm through other researchers and people who have come in contact with them.

mantis beingAre we alone in the universe? I would have to say definitely not. The story is so big, so massive that it is beyond anything we could possibly conceive. Every time I think I’ve figured it out, I get slapped with a new nugget of information or personal experience that smashes the last revelation to dust.

Do you want to know where humanity came from―where we’re going? Who our galactic family members are? Then follow me on this journey.


Reuben Langdon is an actor/filmmaker/truth seeker currently residing in the LA area pursuing both his acting career and his documentary film projects.

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