In this episode Reuben speaks with Robert Fullington and Jacquelin Smith who both claim to be Human/ET Hybrids with a percentage of their DNA coming from the Mantis Being Race. The Mantis Beings or “Mantoids” are a mysterious race of Praying Mantis looking beings that seem to be benevolent and heavily involved with human affairs. Reuben, having had his own personal contact from this race, got to speak to Robert and Jacquelin about his experience and corroborate his with theirs.

Robert and Jacqueline

Both Robert and Jacquelin have recently been featured in by Meguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb in the book “Meet the Hybrids” and were speaking about the book and their experiences the 2016 International UFO Congress  where the interview took place

Robert Fullington has had regular contact with The Mantis Beings and other species. In 2009, he and his wife witnessed a large black triangular craft over their home. He has photographed and made drawings of craft, Mantis beings, and other anomalous events Robert has conceptualized ways to better one’s energies to make contact: raising one’s vibration by respecting and showing appreciation for all life; having positive intent; performing acts of kindness to strangers; and feeling love for self and all existence.

 Jacquelin Smith has been communicating telepathically with extraterrestrials as well as animals, angels, and other beings of light since early childhood.  She is a hybrid and was genetically enhanced while still in her mother’s womb.  She grew up on starships and continued being on starships as a teen and even now as an adult.  Also, Jacquelin has met over forty different star being cultures. She is a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, psychic, interdimensional traveler, and internationally-known animal communicator and star being communicator.  Jacquelin does consults with people globally and has done so for over thirty years. She offers private consultations, including Star Origin readings for people.  Jacquelin teaches workshops on ET and animal communication.  Also, she assists those who have had contact with ETs or other beings.  She’s the author of, Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals, and Animal Communication.  Visit her website to find out more about Jacquelin and the services she offers:

First Encounters